I have an issue with my registration key

Click on "Register with a key" on the horizontal bar below (4th buttom), then enter the provided key number (five digit, one dash, another five digit).

If you receive a message, « The key number has already been used», this means thats you have already registered. Try logging to your account.

If it still doesn't work, please don't hesitate to refer to your Exafield contact


I have a registration key and an account but i'm unable to validate it

Once you have entered your email address and password, please click on «Subscription», you will reach a page which confirm that your account has been created, but to activate it, you need to check in your emails and click on the confirmation link.

If you can't find this email in your inbox, please do check your junk folder. The sender of the email is PatientPrism. This inbox can also be called «SPAM», «Junk», «Unwanted». If you find this email if your junks, beware, as other emails from PatientPrism will encouter the same problem. To prevent those emails to reach your junks, add the sender to your contacts or find an option entitled, for example, «Not a junk email»,«Move to inbox»,«Approved email».

Some emails providers will not allow you to click on the link, a banner will appear to ask you to authorize it, please confirm it. Otherwise, Dans le cas contraire, select the entire link with your mouse from https:// to the end(the link will look like this https://www.patientprism.org/confirmerEmail-6Q3GRCQY2AJ7EX8V3XL2E7P3Z6K4XP), then please click right, and copy. Open your internet browser, click right, then paste the link in the search bar, click Enter on your keyboard.

If you wish to change your email to confirm your account please use this page.

If you require assistance please contact us at this number: +33 (0)

I'm having issue with questionnaire invitation emails

If you do not receive this email, you can still log in with your account and see the list of available questionnaires. If you do not find this email in your inbox, it may have been mistakenly directed to your spam or junk folder. Open your spam or junk folder to find it; the name of the sender is PatientPrism. This folder might have names like 'SPAM,' 'Junk,' 'Unwanted.' If you find this email in your spam folder other PatientPrism emails might be sent to you, and the same problem might occur. To prevent PatientPrism emails from being directed to your spam folder in the future, add the sender to your contacts or find an option titled 'Not spam,' 'Move to inbox,' 'Approved mail.' Some email providers prevent you from clicking on the link; a banner probably appears, asking you to authorize link clicks. Use this option if applicable. Otherwise, select the entire link from https:// to the end using your mouse (the link is in this format: https://www.patientprism.org/redirectionQuestionnaire-35), then right-click on the selected part, choose 'Copy.' Next, open the internet access software you use, right-click in the long address box, choose 'Paste,' and finally, press the Enter key on your keyboard

If you require assistance please contact us at this number: +33 (0)

I can't access my account

To log into your account, please click on 'My Account' and the enter your logins

If the interface indicates that the password is incorrect, go to this address to request to have your password sent to your email address.

If the interface indicates that this account doesn't exist, it means that we couldn't find your email address in our database. It's likely you didn't finish the registration process.

If the interface mentions that your account is not yet validated, please go to your email inbox and click on the validation link we sent you. For any help, please refer to the help section. If you want to edit your email to confirm your account, try accessing this page.

If you require assistance please contact us at this number: +33 (0)

When I try to access the questionnaire only an error message appears

When you reach the website www.patientprism.org it should lead you to the questionnaire to complete, the following message will appear : «This participation proposal was withdrawn by the owner of the study.»

This means that the questionnaire was closed before you could answer it, now no additional answers are allowed. It may also mean that you have already answered it and that an additional one is not possible.

If you have already answered the questionnaire, you cannot answe it a second time.

If it still doesn't work, don't hesitate to contact your Exafield contact


I want to understand how Patient Prism is protecting my information

Click here for a comprehensive technical explanation about the security of your data in PatientPrism.


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